Keep in touch with the people you care about.

Kit makes it easy to keep track of people you care about and helps you remember when to catch up with them.

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Kit is very, very simple.

Kit primarily solves a single problem: maintaining a list of people you want to catch up with. It simplifies triaging that list and remembering when to see someone again. But it's a simple approach, so less magic than you might hope for.

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How Kit Works

Add someone you want to see

Add people you care about as you think of them or import your contacts from Twitter or Google and pick the ones you want to keep in touch with.

Schedule time to get together

Reach out to people on your list to find time to catch up. Once you have a meeting set, they'll appear in a different section of Kit.

Reflect and set cadence

After you get together, take some notes about how it went and set a candence (monthly, quarterly, etc..) for when you'd like to see them again. Kit will remind you.

Simple triage

Kit is three simple lists: people you've scheduled time with, people you should schedule time with, and people you've seen recently enough.

Catchup reminders

Kit will automatically move people back into the Get Together Soon list if you've set a monthly cadence (e.g. if three months have passed since you saw a quarterly cadence contact).

Refresh your memory

Kit will send you any notes you took the last time you saw someone, reminding you what they were doing the last time you met.

Add to your home screen!

Kit is a web app, so to get the most out of it on mobile, we suggest adding it to your home screen. That makes it much easier for using while on the go.

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